Conceived in 2004, the Omatek e-Xpress initiative is designed to ensure easy access to computer systems and other Omatek products without the challenges of affordability. The Omatek e-Xpress initiative is a flexible computer acquisition and payment scheme which enables beneficiaries to pay for any computer of their choice through a structured re-payment plan.

The Omatek e-Xpress initiative affords Nigerians, including Civil Servants, Students, Lecturers and Professionals the opportunity to own computers of their own through a flexible and convenient payment plan which spans between 12-24 months.

Under this arrangement, beneficiaries will acquire computers and pay over an extended period of time through a lease arrangement that requires an undertaking dully executed in favour of Omatek/Banker by supervisory officers of the organization/institution and state governments as the case may be, to ensure monthly deduction from source from beneficiaries’ salaries.

Before the listing, we had only launched in 4 states but have now covered most of the states in the south with only three yet to be formally launched.  Six states in the North are also ready for launching.

Objectives of the Omatek e-Xpress Initiative

  • To ease the acquisition mode of every Nigerian towards owning computers
  • To enhance the technical competence, effectiveness and continued professional development of Nigerians
  • To address the current low level of skills in IT Literacy
  • To allow executives have access to information on the internet, access their e-mails anywhere, anytime while using their Executive Omatek Notebooks
  • To further enhance the density of ICT users and technocrats thereby improving on the knowledge economy sphere and scope.