Resource Centre

The Resource Center is designed to:

i. serve as e-Learning platform for youth development through ICT

ii. help in the effective integration of technology into the teaching-learning process

iii. bring services at the convenience of customers

iv. to provide the availability of computers for e-learning platform with flexible payment mode

v. to provide a platform for revenue generation through resellership allotted  to the institution or parastatal

vi. Partnership with Broadband companies to provide 24 Hour Internet connectivity to aid R&D and e-Learning in the Institution

• Empower youths with hands-on experience.

• Help in the dissemination of ICT knowledge via standard industry training curriculum.

• Serve as IT industrial attachment center

• Involve in Research & Development in comp.uting and IT empowerment industrial training

services (IT).

• Develop and enhance educational development through e-Learning

• Human Capacity development through:

– Internship program

– Staff Exchange program

– Certified Training program

• Make computer available to students/lecturers through e-Xpress flexible payment of 24 months with a bank guarantee.

• Serve as e-Xpress Registration & Collation point Bring services /Helpdesk /After sales support near to the customer.

• Mini-showroom – Showcase samples of Omatek brand of products.

• Position the customer as an Authorised Reseller

• E- Training & E- Exams Laboratory.

Equipment and Infrastructure
The under listed equipment are available at the resource centre for the daily operations:

  • Storage Cabinets for incoming and outgoing faulty equipments
  • Storage Cabinet for storage and security of files and spare parts
  • HP LaserJet Printer for producing hardcopy of document, files etc.
  • A minimum of three computers to be used as Repository server for device drivers, helpdesk and for training)
  • Workbenches with minimum of eight chairs for hands-on repairs and teaching-learning process
  • Air-Conditioner (Minimum of 1hp) and fan to provide necessary cooling for the equipment
  • Internet Link to connect to central Omatek Server Portal for faults log, equipment warranty & repair status/tracking and reporting
  • CDs for Software & Device Drivers
  • Antistatic Wrist strap for protection against static discharge onto the sensitive equipment
  • Omatek Signboard

Basic tools like telephone, and internet access into our central server portal ERP software, are also available.This will allow ease of checking on the warranty status of the computers for repairs.

The resource centre will be dedicated to displaying the various products that are under Omatek e-xpress consumer scheme.  Beneficiaries can register here and collation and allocation of the computers can be done here…


In facilitating a strong e-learning, we have these platforms in place;

  • Providing technical expertise and advisory
  • Solution evaluation and recommendation
  • Platform setup and testing
  • Training
  • Launching