Consumer Schemes


To ease the acquisition mode of the average Nigerian towards owing their own computers
To enhance the technical competence, effectiveness, and continued professional development of Africa.

WHAT Is the “e- Consumer Initiative”
There is increasing evidence that ‘a new economy”, the e-philosophy is emerging everywhere, which is aimed at accelerating the uptake of digital technologies across the world. The “e-Consumer” partnership initiative will be a modest contribution in accelerating this new economy to the benefit of all, and in particular, the African economy

Under this initiative, OMATEK supplies the OMATEK brand computers of your choice, which are financed by OMATEK Bankers. We have negotiated these Bank funds for the acquisition of computers with a low-interest rate attached to repayments by beneficiaries under the scheme.

You can apply for participation in this scheme by visiting any OMATEK branch, or any of our designated partner banks.

The qualified beneficiary will pay monthly installments for an agreed period via postdated cheques paid upfront.